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an American girl tripping her way through life in Italy

I wouldn’t say moving to Italy is easy, but there is wine. And cheese. Oh, Lord, the cheese.

I’m getting ahead of myself.

Unbeknownst to me, my life would eventually turn out to be the kind of Disney princess fairy-tale crap that all little girls dream about.

Meet, fall madly in love with, marry intelligent, kind, generous, funny, handsome Italian man. Check.

Plan wedding in four months because intelligent, kind, generous, funny, handsome Italian man must return to Italy indefinitely for business. Check. (For your information, girls, planning a wedding in four months is most definitely not a fairy-tale…unless you consider yourself the crazy, drooling, nonsensical ogress of the story.)

Live in Florence for eight months, learn Italian (fine, so, I know how to ask for wine…and cheese), make friends, explore, love life. Check.

Plan a move in two weeks because intelligent, kind, generous, funny, handsome Italian man must relocate to Rome indefinitely for business. Check.

Start all over again in a new city. Check.

This is where you now find me. While I’ve been in Rome for a little over a year now, I really needed to kick my butt into gear and force myself to start all over again. This lovely little blog is a way to do just that – enjoy and celebrate the things that make life awesome.


My intelligent, kind, generous, funny, handsome Italian.



Thankfully, my ogress days of wedding planning were behind me.

While I could go on and on (hey, this is a good thing for a blogstress), let’s just stick to the basics:

    • Classically trained singer currently studying privately in Rome, obsessed with figuring out how in the hell Anna Netrebko makes so much noise without opening her mouth.
    • Former suit in the field of print music publishing where I edited music and music publications (among many, many other things).
    • Frequent and obnoxious car dancer.
    • In love with my dogs who spend their time in Philadelphia with my parents.

bethHi, I’m Beth!

lucky  Hi, I’m Lucky!

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Thanks for stopping in to nibble, sip, and wander your way through my blog!

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